Man Caves & She Sheds by AMB Developments

If you can’t afford a loft, kitchen extension or basement – or you’ve already extended your home in every way possible and still don’t have enough space – a garden room, or 'Man Cave / She Shed' is an increasingly attractive option.

Not a rickety shed or draughty summer house, but a fully insulated building with electricity and underfloor heating that can be your office, spare bedroom or yoga studio.

Garden buildings do not require planning permission unless you plan to use them as self-contained sleeping accommodation or your home is listed.

Man Sheds / Man Caves:

  • Our “Posh” Man Caves or Man Sheds can be built in a wide range of designs from traditional and pretty to sleek and contemporary. It's completley your choice.
  • Unlike some “Posh” Sheds on offer, ours are not constructed from plywood, at AMB we only use solid timber structures manufactured from top quality materials to last a lifetime.
  • Made to measure sizes and bespoke construction is our speciality so just call us if there is a certain size you require.

  • Remember that your new Man Cave will be a part of your life & landscape for many years to come, so choosing a reputable and specialist joinery service such as AMB Developments to build your bespoke outdoor living space is very important... we can create a perfect design that will suit your needs for the future & your taste.

AMB Developments Bespoke She Sheds

While men might crave a man-cave in their garden, the AMB Developments has noted that a significant proportion of its customers are in fact women wanting office space or a yoga studio at home: a “she-shed”

AMB She Sheds:

  • The man cave is a haven of masculine peace away from domesticity. We expect it to have man things like a bar, darts board, tools or computer games. A She Shed constructed by AMB Developments is an unashamedly feminine retreat, and incorporates whatever design aspects its proud owner loves... from books to yoga to crafts, from fairy tale chandeliers to bunting to urban edge!
  • An AMB Developments built She Shed is a shed in name only: it’s a solid, four-season cabin with heating, insulation and double glazing. It can be fully plumbed and wired, and fitted with bespoke furniture and storage if desired.
  • She sheds can have many different uses, let your imagination and hobbies inspire you! Here are a few ideas:

    · A relaxing space with a comfy chair and a good book to relax in and enjoy the garden (add a few more chairs and you’ve got a place for your friends to escape to as well).

    · A room to enjoy yoga or Pilates sessions in peace.

    · A gym.

    · A room to express one’s creativity, whether that is through the medium of painting, drawing, writing, sewing or transforming a shed into a craft room.

    · And who’s to say that it has to be super ‘girly’? You could also use a she shed as a games room, a cinema or a music room/studio as well.

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